Save time

save timeRecording trademarks in the Clearinghouse is both user-friendly and time-efficient: you must simply submit your trademark information. This process is available through an online platform managed according to premier standards of back-end technology and customer care.

Sit back and relax

relaxThe Clearinghouse will notify you whenever a Sunrise period of a new gTLD is scheduled. Should you prefer not to secure the domain name holding your brand through Sunrise, you will be default obtain Trademark Claims Services. Whichever option seems fit for your business, you may simply leave it to us to warn you in time when action is of the essence.

Keep track

keep trackNo more scattered data and fragmented trademark management; simply log on to your Clearinghouse account and keep track of all of your trademark information on one single location. Trademark portfolio management was never easier and more efficient.

Pay less

pay lessNo hidden costs associated with trademark verification services. You simply pay once a year to enjoy the Clearinghouse services.