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A-Label The ASCII form of an IDN label. All operations defined in the DNS use A-labels exclusively.

Activation search for term

A trademark is activated when the Trademark Record receives the status “verified”.

Advanced Fee search for term

The Advanced Fee Structure is applicable when a Trademark Holder/Trademark Agent uses a Prepayment Account. The Advanced Fee Structure provides for additional volume discounts. Trademark Agents will by default use the Advanced Fee Structure.

API search for term

The API (application-programming interface) we release allows the Holders to access the Clearinghouse database and design products that are powered by its service.

Applicant search for term

An entity that has applied to ICANN for a new gTLD by submitting its application form during the application submission period.

Applicant Guidebook search for term

The gTLD Applicant Guidebook currently in effect, describing the requirements of the application and evaluation processes.

Automated Interface search for term

The application-programming interface available to Trademark Agents that allows Trademark Agents to submit Trademark Records in bulk and access the Verification Services in an automated way.

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