June 2017 .CLUB Trademark Protection Program

The June 2017 .CLUB Trademark Protection Program is designed to appeal to corporate registrars and registrars that wish to help protect their clients' brands.  

During the month of June 2017 participating registrars will be offering a 50% discount on any qualifying new registration or renewal registration that has a term of 8 or more years. To qualify, the registrant must have a valid trademark of an exact or similar term (which may be demonstrated by existence in the Trademark Clearinghouse or a public trademark record).  

The .CLUB Registry believes that this trademark protection special offer is important for your brand because:

1) .CLUB was launched early, and many Brands had not yet awakened to the new gTLD program and Sunrise proceedings; 

2)  Domain Name Collision caused confusion in the market place, which led to a down tick in Sunrise registrations; 

3)  .CLUB is one of the most UDRP'd and URS'd new gTLD, in large part because of its relevance across all verticals and because of its success in widespread usage, reaching consumers on a global basis. (And, by the way, because of the nature of the word “club” and its community meanings, a UDRP proceeding is not a sure win for a brand. Securing its relevant trademark names for standard fees is a much safer strategy.); 

4) .CLUB is an extension brands can also use as simple shortcut to an existing loyalty, reward or affinity program (see www.Swatch.club).

Please contact your registrar for more information.