Ongoing Notifications

Following the 90 day Trademark Claims Period for each new gTLD, the Trademark Clearinghouse runs the Ongoing Notifications service. Trademark holders will be notified of potential intellectual property infringement indefinitely, beyond the original 90 day period.

Whenever someone has activated a domain name in a new gTLD that matches the Ongoing Notifications Labels linked to a mark that is recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse, the trademark holder will receive an e-mail informing him of this domain name activity, so he can take the necessary steps.

Exact Match & Variations

  • For the exact match label(s) generated at the time of registration in the TMCH, there is no additional cost, the service just needs to be activated.
  • Additional Variation labels for Ongoing Notification can now also be added to the mark for free. There are three types of variations accepted: containing, partial & variation.
    For more details on the variation rules: go here.
  • Examples:
    _EXACT: trademarkclearinghouse & trademark-clearinghouse
    _CONTAINING: thetrademarkclearinghouse-db (text prior or after the exact match label)
    _PARTIAL: clearinghouse & mark-clearing (part of the exact match label)
    _SIMILAR: trademarkc1earin6house & tràdémark-çlearinghoüse (a variation of the exact match label using a variant)


  • It's available for all new gTLDs, not only geo TLDs.
  • Exclusively to trademark holders and agents for the time the trademark record is verified until the end of their trademark record registration into The Trademark Clearinghouse.
  • The service is non-mandatory, leaving each trademark holder to decide whether they wish to activate it.