Registered trademarks

A registered trademark is a nationally or regionally (i.e., multi-nationally) registered mark on
the principal or primary register in the mark’s jurisdiction. This means that the trademark in question must have national effect and be registered at the time it is submitted for verification.

Download the complete Clearinghouse guidelines to check which information and documentary evidence you need to include.

The following are not considered registered trademarks and will not be eligible for inclusion in the Clearinghouse:

  • Trademark applications;
  • Trademarks registered by a city, state, province, or sub-national region;
  • International trademark applications made via the Madrid system unless the underlying basic trademark registration has national effect;
  • Registered marks that were subject to successful invalidation, cancellation, opposition, or rectification proceedings.

The following are not considered registered trademarks but might be eligible for inclusion in
the Clearinghouse under another type of trademark:

As provided in the gTLD Applicant Guidebook, the following registered trademarks will not be
accepted by the Clearinghouse.

  • A registered trademark that includes a top level extension, for example, trademarks such as “” or “.icann”
  • Any registered trademark starting with or containing a “dot” (.) (e.g., the trademark “deloitte.” will not be accepted)
  • Any registered trademark that does not contain any letters, words, numerals or DNS valid characters.