Migration of full OT&E environment for TMCH agents

In our continuing mission to improve the Trademark Clearinghouse we are pleased to announce that on December 1st the OT&E environment was migrated to a new platform. The migrated OT&E environment will have the same functionalities as before.

The OT&E interface allows TMCH agents to test all actions similar to the production environment both on the API and web interface. A guide with additional information on how to use the new OT&E environment is available, at the help/downloads section of our website.

As a result of the OT&E migration new user credentials were created and the old credentials were revoked. If you have not received new OT&E credentials, please request these via the TMCH support page. Note that the data that was stored on the old platform will not be migrated to the new OT&E platform.

API users of the OT&E users will also need to update the URL of their test environment.

Please use the ticketing system available on the Clearinghouse User Interface to submit any issues or questions. We look forward to receiving your comments.