Protect the reputation of your brands with Adultblock !



Protecting the reputation of your clients’ brands is a crucial factor in shaping their online identity. We share with you an article where industry experts address the importance of domain name blocking as part of an organization’s IP strategy:


AdultBlock, by ICM Registry (part of MMX), offers trademark owners to block domain name registrations in the adult top level domains: .XXX, .SEX, .ADULT, .PORN. Being a non-adult brand, you want to avoid association with these TLDs and prevent reputational damage due to infringement. With AdultBlock+, typos and homoglyph variations (i.e. look-alike characters) are blocked as well, allowing the trademark owner to fully protect his brand, regardless of the script used. You can find more information on AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ via the following website:

How can you protect your brand through these blocking services? By having your trademark verified by the Trademark Clearinghouse!

All Sunrise eligible trademarks in the TMCH are qualified to benefit from AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ by using their valid SMD files. Original Sunrise B registrations are also eligible for these services.

If you have any questions about AdultBlock, we kindly refer to the FAQ section on their website. You can also get in touch with the team via the contact page !