Recording webinar .公司 (company) & .网络(network)

On July 1st, CNNIC introduced its two new IDN TLD's: .公司 (company) & .网络(network).

Please see below for the recording and presentation of that webinar in both Chinese and English.





CHINESE INTRODUCTION ( “.公司”和“.网络”域名开放注册通知)



Notification of launching registration for“.公司”and“.网络”

Dear Clients,
Chinese domain name “.公司”and“.网络”, which have the most attractive business prospects, have launched its registration since July 1st, 2014.
“.公 司”and“.网络”are new Chinese gTLDs operated by CNNIC, China’s Country code top-level domain name registry. “.公司”and“.网络”are easy to remember for Chinese Internet users, giving high popularity and unification of brand and domain name in those all Chinese speaking communities.

The mainstream video website, such as, Sohu Video and LeTV, have adopted “.公司”and“.网络” to strengthen their promotions advantages during the World Cup period.

Those websites employing“.公司”and“.网络”have highlighted the mainstream status by these two Chinese domain names at this World Cup.
During the sunrise registration period,“.公司”and“.网络”have attracted the attention of enterprises in both domestic and global market. China Unicom, Tencent, Jingdong and Asus registered their domain name in the first time.

The domain name registry follows the rules of first come, first served. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to grasp the opportunity to prevent your brands and the domain name.

Accredited Partners of “.公司”and“.网络”:
Beijing Guoxu Network Technology Co.,Ltd(
IP Mirror Pte Ltd(
Shandong Kaichuang Group Technology Co., Ltd (