TREx Service Update: last chance to get your TREx protection on .rent, .college and .xyz before November 1st!

Dear TMCH users, 

We have made a change to the offering of the TREx bundle and three of our TREx TLDs will be offboarded from the service as from November 1st 2020. It concerns: .rent, .college and .xyz. 

Your existing TREx subscriptions, however, will remain valid in these TLDs until the expiry of the current TREx term.

Prior to November 1st 2020, you are still able to purchase and/or renew the TREx service on your Sunrise eligible labels, including protection in .rent, .college and . xyz, for the term of the TREx service (duration of 1y). This allows you to benefit from the protection in these three TLDs for one (additional) year. We kindly inform you that existing TREx subscriptions can already be renewed as from 1y prior to the expiry of the service, for an additional year.

To provide you with an alternative solution for your .rent/.college/.xyz domain names protected under TREx, we offer the possibility to transfer these protections to registered domain names in your portfolio, at the end of your TREx subscription. The applicable transfer fee is defined by the registrar, and will typically be a 1y registration fee for that domain name.

Should you be at the end of your TREx term, and you wish to transfer in the TREx protected .rent/.college/.xyz domain name as a registration, you can submit a ticket in our support tool and we will provide you with the needed transfer code. Please keep in mind to undertake this action two weeks prior to the expiry of your TREx subscription, so the transfer can be finalized before the end of the term.

Note that the bundle of TLDs included in TREx, starting November 1st, will cover 40 TLDs, on which the pricing of the service has been based.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact our support team.