What is the impact of the renewal on the old certificate?

The new Trademark Clearinghouse Certificate Authority (TMCH-CA) and related Trademark Validator (TMV) certificate will replace the current Certificate Authority and certificate entirely. The current SMD files are from that moment onwards no longer compliant with the new standards and hence all SMD files will need to be revoked and regenerated using the new certificate.

As a consequence, after the new TMCH-CA and TMV certificate are in use, all trademark holders and agents will be required to acquire new Signed Mark Data (SMD) files from the TMCH platform. Older SMD files signed with the current TMCH-CA will no longer be usable.

Kindly note that it is possible to download the new SMD file in the web interface:

  • Sign in to the TMCH application;
  • Navigate to the "services" tab;
  • Navigate to the "services" tab;
  • Find the mark record for which you want to download the SMD file (keep in mind that only verified mark records with valid POU documentation are eligible for SMD generation);
  • Click on the file icon in the SMD column;
  • Your browser will then download the SMD file.



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